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Eclipse IDE improvements: Photon is followed by 2018-09

September 23, 2018

With the first quarterly simultaneous release the naming scheme was changed: Photon, which was released in June, is followed by 2018-09 in September now. Many thanks to all the heroes who made the Eclipse IDE a bit better again!

I have made two short videos each for Photon three months ago and now for 2018-09, showing Eclipse IDE improvements in action: one about general and Git improvements and the other exclusively for Java developers. Below the two videos, you will find a list of the improvements with time stamps and links to details. If you dislike something, let me know what you want me to change next time (for example, if you prefer one longer video like before instead of several short videos like the current ones).

2018-09 general and Git improvements

Eclipse 2018-09 IDE Improvements: General and Git

2018-09 Java improvements

Eclipse 2018-09 IDE Improvements: Java

Photon general and Git improvements

Eclipse Photon IDE Improvements: General and Git

Photon Java and Maven improvements

Eclipse Photon IDE Improvements: Java and Maven

Several Eclipse 2018-09 IDE packages are available for download. Since Photon there has existed an Latest Eclipse Release update site in Window > Preferences: Install/Update > Available Software Sites. If you enable it, you can upgrade to 2018-09 via Help > Check for Updates. If automatic updates (Window > Preferences: Install/Update > Automatic Updates) have not been disabled, a dialog will ask you on December 19 if you want to upgrade to 2018-12.


Eclipse Oxygen.3a IDE Improvements: Java 10

April 12, 2018

Three weeks after the Oxygen.3 and the Java 10 release, Oxygen.3a now adds official support for Java 10 which was previously offered only as a pre-release via the Eclipse Marketplace. Because Oxygen.3a also contains some bug fixes, an upgrade is also recommended for Java developers who do not (yet) want to use Java 10.

The main innovation and the only language change of Java 10 is the so-called Local-Variable Type Inference: within code blocks, in variable declaration, you can use var instead of the type. The specific type is determined implicitly from the assigned value. With var ArrayList<String> list = new ArrayList<>(); can be shortened to var list = new ArrayList<String>();. This is often handy (e. g. in try-with-resources statements like try (var reader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(path))) { /*...*/ }), but in some cases it can also lead to less readable code (in my opinion e. g. in enhanced for-loops like for (var item : x.getItems()) { /*...*/ }).

var is not a keyword, just a reserved type name. This means that var can still be used as a variable name but not as a type name: int int = 1; and var int = 1; are invalid, but int var = 1; and var var = 1; are both valid Java code. Hopefully I will never have to explain to anyone why a module can be named “module” and a var can be named “var”, but an int cannot be named “int” and a class cannot be named “class” and why “module” is a valid class name whereas “var” is not. And because var is just a reserved type name, final var invar = 1; may look weird but is valid.

Nonetheless, the Eclipse developers did a great job enhancing the Eclipse Java IDE to support var. The inferred type will be shown on mouse over and in the Javadoc view, the content assist is aware of the inferred type and offers the corresponding proposals and in Mark Occurences var is handled as a substitute for the inferred type:

Furthermore, the incremental Eclipse Java compiler had to be adapted for Java 10. Unlike Oracle’s Java compiler javac the Eclipse compiler, however, does not stumble over var s=List.of("a",1).

For Java and other developers, several Eclipse Oxygen.3a IDE packages are available for download. Older versions of Oxygen will prompt you to upgrade to Oxygen.3a unless the built-in automatic update is disabled. Oxygen.3a is the last update for Eclipse Oxygen. Numerous major changes are currently being finalized for the next major release, Eclipse Photon, on June 27. If you want you can already test a pre-release of Eclipse Photon.

Happy coding!

Eclipse Oxygen.3 IDE Improvements: Java, Gradle and PHP

March 21, 2018

Eclipse Oxygen.3 is the last quarterly update of Oxygen. Thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way! Even if the main focus is already on Photon, which will be released on June 27, it is worth updating your Eclipse IDE (unless you want to test a pre-version of Photon instead).

As usual, I have made a short video that shows the IDE improvements that I find most noteworthy in action:


Gradle (see also Buildship 2.2):

PHP (see also PDT 5.3):

Eclipse Oxygen IDE Improvements: General, Java and Git Eclipse Oxygen.1a IDE Improvements: Java 9, JUnit 5, General, Gradle and PHP Eclipse Oxygen.2 IDE Improvements: Java IDE, Git, C/C++

Together with the previous Oxygen videos, you can view 72 improvements in action, in total about half an hour. Here are the direct chapter links (number of improvements in brackets):

Thank you for watching and happy coding!