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Proudly present: Eclipse Search CSV Export

July 13, 2012

Tobias Althoff, Susanne Könning and Ji Shin, computer science students at the University of Münster, have developed the Eclipse Search CSV Export plug-in. It is their very first Eclipse plug-in, which was originally created for Pacx, the Platform for Annotated Corpora in XML. But it can be used in Eclipse and other Eclipse based application as well. Since I was only their guide to the Eclipse universe, I would now like to yield the floor to the real authors:

Do you know this feeling? You are searching something, find it, and then… then what? You don’t have any way to use your Eclipse search results in another program. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to export your results into a *.csv file?

Guess what! That’s possible now. We proudly present the CSV Export Plug-in for the Eclipse File Search.

Tobias Althoff, Susanne Könning and Ji Shin

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