Eclipse Oxygen.3 IDE Improvements: Java, Gradle and PHP

Eclipse Oxygen.3 is the last quarterly update of Oxygen. Thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way! Even if the main focus is already on Photon, which will be released on June 27, it is worth updating your Eclipse IDE (unless you want to test a pre-version of Photon instead).

As usual, I have made a short video that shows the IDE improvements that I find most noteworthy in action:


Gradle (see also Buildship 2.2):

PHP (see also PDT 5.3):

Eclipse Oxygen IDE Improvements: General, Java and Git Eclipse Oxygen.1a IDE Improvements: Java 9, JUnit 5, General, Gradle and PHP Eclipse Oxygen.2 IDE Improvements: Java IDE, Git, C/C++

Together with the previous Oxygen videos, you can view 72 improvements in action, in total about half an hour. Here are the direct chapter links (number of improvements in brackets):

Thank you for watching and happy coding!


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