Eclipse Neon.2: quick demo of three improvements

In December 2016 Neon.2 was released with only a few but nonetheless very helpful improvements. My Eclipse Neon.2: quick demo of 3 improvements shows three of these improvements:

  1. IDE – Compare Editor: Swap Left and Right View
  2. Java – Open Projects from File System: new Java and JDK detectors
  3. Arduino C++ Tools

Eclipse Neon.2: quick demo of 3 improvements

Opening a Java project that has not been created with Eclipse becomes a no-brainer with the new Java detector that is used by File > Open Projects from File System. Also the Arduino Downloads Manager of the Arduino C++ Tools shows how simple things can be: Just choose your Arduino board or compatible system and the libraries you want to use. Everything required, e. g. C++ compiler, will be downloaded and configured for you. Watch Doug‘s 11-minute video for more details.

There are also Eclipse IDE Git integration improvements, but EGit and JGit forgot to contribute their version 4.5 (I like auto-stage selected files on Commit…) and 4.6 to Neon.2. To get the latest Git improvements add the update site to Window > Preferences > Install/Update > Available Software Sites.

If you missed the last two releases, here are my quick demos of 10 Neon.1 and 22 Neon.0 improvements:

Eclipse Neon: 5:30-minute demo of 22 nice improvementsEclipse Neon: 5:30-minute demo of 22 nice improvements

The next and last Neon update Neon.3 will be released on March 23 before the next annual main release Oxygen on June 28.


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