Mars Attacks!

Mars is the tenth Eclipse Simultaneous Release. 79 projects are involved, 3 projects more than in Luna. 380 committers (Luna: 339) and 352 contributors (Luna: 348) have worked together to make Mars happen.

Eclipse Simultaneous Releases

Ian Bull has already written about his top ten Eclipse Mars features. And also Wayne Beaton has his New and Noteworthy and Screenshot of the Week series about Mars. Here come some Mars highlights from my point of view.

  • I’m not yet convinced by the Eclipse Installer for installing Eclipse package solutions. But I like the Eclipse Installer in the Advanced Mode which makes it easy to contribute to an Eclipse project, for example to Vex. 😉
    Eclipse Installer Advanced Mode
  • If you work with multiple workspaces, then the Oomph Preference Recorder synchronizes your preferences. It is a kind of workaround for the fact that Eclipse preferences are either project- or workspace-specific but not global.
  • In the Java Development Tools (JDT) I like the improved Null/Flow Analysis and the new Quick Assists (Ctrl+1) for lambda expressions.
    Quick Assists (Ctrl+1)
  • The improved code completion by Code Recommenders (new constructor- and Mylyn-completion processors; subwords-completion is now enabled by default) is also helpful for Java developers. The Code Recommenders Snipmatch with tons of templates is now included in the Java solution packages.
  • With the Docker Tooling you can manage your containers.
  • There are 7 projects that for the first time joined the Simultaneous Release: Oomph, Trace Compass, RCP Testing Tool, SWTBot, Lua Development Tools, e(fx)clipse and Thym. The RCP Testing Tool (RCPTT) is a very cool UI testing tool exclusively for Eclipse-based development. Take half an hour and try it yourself. It is super easy.
    RCP Testing Tool in action
  • I’m curious how helpful the data that are collected by the new Error Reporting and UI Responsiveness Monitor will be.
  • I like the concept of the Launch Bar which has been tailored to the needs of C/C++ developers.
    Launch Bar

For more information read my article on Mars (in German) in the upcoming Eclipse Magazin or in a condensed form online.

PS: Please feel free to use the diagram and screenshots (attribution is nice to have but not required). I opened a bug to collect and share material to promote Mars.

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