Eclipse IDE for Java Developers feels lucky

Up to now more than 12 million Luna packages have been downloaded. That is more than two petabytes and on average, 63 packages per second. On 26th September the first service release was published and a few days later the packages were rearranged on the download page. This dramatically influenced which download package is chosen. Luna Downloads - Percentage of Packages

Eclipse Standard 4.4 (which was called Eclipse Classic before Kepler) was renamed into Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers 4.4.1. Regardless of the name, the package is not only for Eclipse committers, but also for Eclipse contributors and for Eclipse- or OSGi-based development. On the download site the packages are ordered by download numbers. The package lost its pole position and dropped to fifth place after a few days. Then the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers was put on the top, above the ordered by downloads list. The download numbers of the pure Java IDE increased from 10% to 31%. In contrast, the download percentage of the Standard/Committers package dropped from about 38% to below 4%. It seems that a third of the downloaders select the first package regardless of what it is.

In Google Search I have never used the I’m Feeling Lucky button which redirects directly to the first search result. But I am pretty sure that many do. If one third of the users always choose the first item of a list, how many will spend some time to change the default settings? Maybe we should reconsider some of the default preferences of the Eclipse IDE. I think it was a good decision to enable the line numbers in text editors by default in Luna. I would appreciate if in the Java editor the automatic correction of semicolons and brackets position would be enabled, too. Also I would like to have Remember last used page in the search dialog enabled by default. Which default preferences would you like to change for the ones that feel lucky?

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2 Responses to “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers feels lucky”

  1. Wim Jongman Says:

    Great post Holger.

    My favorite “wrong” settings:

    * Show heap status

    * Refresh using native hooks or polling
    * Text file encoding: UTF-8

    Java/Editor/Content Assist:
    * Completion overwrites
    * Insert common prefixes automagically
    * Insert best guessed arguments

    Plug-in Development:
    * Include all plug-ins from target in java search

  2. classic Says:

    oh it’s been renamed to eclipse committers?

    I’ve been using quite a while, since the name was still ‘classic’.

    The reason I’m using ‘classic’ until now is because when I first started coding; people and websites advised me to do that, “just install the classic, and add other plugins later”.

    So, even if the ‘classic’ is moved below, I would still download it. But today I can’t find it anywhere, so I think it’s been merged to the ‘java’ version instead. I found out accidentally that it’s been renamed.

    Just reading the description, you will think that the eclipse ‘classic’ is what all you need!

    “Standard Eclipse package suited for Java and plug-in development plus adding new plugins; already includes Git, Marketplace Client, source code and developer documentation.”

    compared to now

    “Package suited for development of Eclipse itself at Eclipse.”

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