Luna Rising

In one year, 687 authors (339 committers and 348 contributors) committed about 40,000 changes to 76 Luna projects. With 61 million lines of code Luna is the largest simultaneous release ever.

Eclipse Simultaneous Releases

Some highlights from my point of view:

  • Java 8 support by Java Development Tools (Java IDE) and by API Tools (part of the Plug-in Development Environment), as well as by other Luna projects like Xtend, Object Teams and – thanks to the unchanged heap dump format – Memory Analyzer.
    Source > Clean Up... > Code Style > Convert functional interface instances
  • Code Recommenders’ Snipmatch: Its usefulness depends on the quantity of good code snippets. So please share your cool snippets to make this an awesome feature!
  • EGit’s rewrite feature of commit messages and the Interactive Rebase View: Maybe, in future Git and I will become friends. 😉
    Interactive Rebase View
  • Split Editor: a 12-year-old bug has been fixed. Hoorray!
  • Dark Theme: Even if I prefer brighter themes it’s good to have a choice.
    Window > Preferences > General > Appearance
  • The new Terminals View (of the Target Communication Framework): command line (local computer) and PuTTY (remote computers) replacement.
    Terminals View

For detailed information read my article “Mein Luna-JahresrĂźckblick” (in German) in the upcoming (25th July) Eclipse Magazin or in a condensed form online.

PS: Please feel free to use the diagram and screenshots (attribution is nice to have but not required). I opened a bug to collect and share material to promote Luna.

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2 Responses to “Luna Rising”

  1. Andrey Loskutov Says:

    Holger, please update the online version: FindBugs Eclipse plugin *support* Java 8 now, see

  2. Luna and Eclipse Coding | brain.flush(); Says:

    […] Holger Voorman writes the yearly Eclipse report ("Eclipse JahresrĂźckblick"). In the latest report Holger talks about Eclipse Luna and mentions my word-wrap patch again. What's even cooler is that his previous report (for Eclipse Kepler) is published in the Software Development Trends 2014 and therefore I'm mentioned in this book on page 108. […]

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