Kepler: 1 Million Downloads

Overall, the 12 Kepler packages have now been downloaded one million times. On average, one million times in less than 18 days means one every 1.5 seconds. Wow!

Kepler Downloads Pie-Chart

In Kepler the Eclipse for Mobile Developers package is missing and the Classic package has been replaced by the Standard package which contains now the Marketplace client and Git. The first three most downloaded packages are all about Java development and have together a market share of more than 80%. The first non-Java package is the Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers with 6.5% market share.

Juno Downloads Pie-Chart

The 13 Juno packages were downloaded approximately 28 million times (R, SR1, SR2 summed, Classic estimated). That was even one every 1.1 seconds. But in contrast to Kepler Eclipse 4.2.x was counted as the Classic package. In Kepler Eclipse Standard is not the same as Eclipse 4.3.0 and is not included in this calculation.

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    […] packages passed the 1,000,000 mark. Two weeks for 1,000,000 downloads, that’s even faster than Kepler with 18 days. 70% of the downloads are from the three packages Classic, Java EE and Java. Three out of 13 (= […]

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