Kepler – The Tenth Simultaneous Release


1 year – 71 projects – 428 committer – 48,000 commits – 4,786 OSGi bundles – 58 million lines of code – these are the numbers of Kepler, which is the tenth Eclipse Simultaneous Release.

Simultaneous Releases

Compared to its precursor, Juno, the project count remained the same (taking into account the adjusted project number of Juno from 72 to 71 after the Juno release – reflecting that EMF Query 2 was not part of Juno after all). Four projects have left (XtendJettyVirgo and Runtime Packaging), four projects have joined (StardustSphinxEMF Diff/Merge and Maven Integration for Web Tools Platform). To be more precise, Xpand is still part of Kepler but it is no longer a project of its own, Xpand became part of Xtext. The highest version jump was made by Orion: from Orion 0.5 in Juno to Orion 3.0 in Kepler.

Orion 3.0

In the Kepler year the total number of bugs that were created is lower than in the years before. This could be caused by less (open) activity or/and an increasing use of Gerrit.

Kepler bar chart

The satisfaction with Eclipse is still very high (around 80%) but less than in the years before.


For detail information read my article “Mein Kepler-Jahresrückblick” (German) in the upcoming (26th July) Eclipse Magazin or in condensed form online. I will also give a talk at Java Forum Stuttgart (also in German).

PS: Please feel free to use the diagrams (attribution is nice to have but not required). I opened a bug to collect and share material to promote Kepler.

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3 Responses to “Kepler – The Tenth Simultaneous Release”

  1. ou_ryperd Says:

    Thank you – very nice and interesting statistics. Very nice graphs – what software did you use to produce the graphs, please ?

  2. My Word-Wrap-Patch mentioned in Eclipse Magazin | brain.flush(); Says:

    […] Voormann mentioned my word-wrap patch in his article "Mein Kepler-Jahresrückblick" which was published in the German Eclipse Magazin! Thank you very […]

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