Juno – The best Simultaneous Release of its Time

72 projects contributed 55 Million lines of code to the ninth Simultaneous Release, more projects and more code than in the years before. Even if the bars are adjusted to reflect the more fine-grained project structure since Indigo in 2011 this is quite impressive:

But will Eclipse and the Simultaneous Release continue to grow? Since the beginning of Eclipse 10 years ago the number of active committers and active projects has increased from year to year. In the Juno year 14 new projects have been created in contrast to 13 projects that have been terminated. The total number of projects stays at around 200. But the equivalent number of projects has created more bugs than in the year before:

Hopefully, the percentage of projects participating in the Simultaneous Release will grow and hopefully Vex will be part of Kepler next year.

PS: Please feel free to use the diagrams (attribution is nice to have but not required). Let me know if you would like to have the diagram as SVG or translated.

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5 Responses to “Juno – The best Simultaneous Release of its Time”

  1. MeeDk Says:

    “The best Simultaneous Release of its Time”. Wrong ! You are only talking about the increasing numbers! Quantity does not mean quality!!

    As side note, can I mention the huge instability of the new Eclipse 4 platform as a big regression?

    • howlger Says:

      I haven’t observed any instability of the Eclipse 4 platform. About which bugs you are talking? Please note, both Eclipse 3.8 and 4.2 are part of Juno. Independent which platform you are using, you will have the same set of features in your Java or whatever IDE.

  2. NoBloat! Says:

    “Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.” – Bill Gates

    • howlger Says:

      Don’t get it wrong. Here the LOCs are used to give an impression of the total amount of simultaneously released products and not the programming progress of the Eclipse Java IDE which is only one of these 72 projects. Neither Bill Gates’ products are known as lightweight nor his products are always released on time.

  3. Kepler – The Tenth Simultaneous Release | eclipse howl Says:

    […] Juno, the project count remained the same (taking into account the adjusted project number of Juno from 72 to 71 after the Juno release – reflecting that EMF Query 2 was not part of Juno after all). […]

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