Moving Forward – Vex 1.0.0 M8

Vex has moved from being a component in the WTP Incubator project to being a project on its own in Mylyn Docs. Like all other Eclipse projects Vex has its own home page: Our project lead is Florian Thienel, currently the 99% of Vex (only you can change this).

1.0.0 M8

Last week milestone 8 was released. If you already use Vex then you have to migrate your vex-plugin.xml files. Otherwise you should give Vex a try to edit XML files word processor like.

The next big thing is XML Schema support in addition to the good old DTDs. Already 1.0.0 M8 contains basic support for it. At the moment you have to register the XML Schema manually by editing the vex-plugin.xml file – the UI to do this is under development. So stay tuned. Vex is moving forward slowly but surely.

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2 Responses to “Moving Forward – Vex 1.0.0 M8”

  1. Jmini Says:

    Great to hear this… Mylyn Docs is a very good home for Vex… From my point of view it makes sense…

    I do not have much time for now, but I am interested in the possibilities of Vex and Wikitext to have great text/xml editing possibilities in eclipse. Lightweight markup language (Wikitext) are often converted in XML/xHTML…

    Do Vex provide a WYSIWYG editor ? Does this Editor have a Button-Bar providing [b][i][u] buttons ???

    • howlger Says:

      Instead of a button bar Vex provides a content assist which shows only the elements/annotation/tags that can be inserted/applied at the current document position. If the document format is associated with more than one CSS then the presentation can be switched. And yes, you can also use Vex as a lean SWT widget to edit more or less structured text (e.g. to avoid using the Browser widget which behaves differently depending on the operating system).

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