Indigo Numbers (non-marketing)

Three of our major players have published the marketing version of the simultaneous releases bar chart that shows an amazing increase of projects.

(Based on an advertising from 1954)

62 Indigo projects compared to 39 Helios projects suggest that 23 projects have joined the release train. However, when taking a closer look at these numbers, one notices that it is the way of counting that has changed. While for instance EMF Compare and EMF Validation among EMF were counted as one in Helios, in Indigo these are two separate projects. Counting the old way the Indigo figures are less impressive:

Simultaneous Releases - IndigoSimultaneous releases compared (also as SVG)

Anyway, there is still some room for marketing: it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that Indigo consists of 79 projects in total (about a quarter of all Eclipse projects).

Irrespective of the way of counting, there are two more projects in Indigo than in Helios: 11 projects joined and 9 stepped off the train.

11 additional projects:

9 Helios projects that are not in Indigo:

The total number of lines of code has increased by about 40%, which is due to extensive newcomers like Object Teams, WindowBuilder and Jubula and the addition of new subprojects of WTP and Mylyn.

According to Wayne and Dash there are 408 Indigo committers compared to 431 Helios committers (of a total of about 1000 Eclipse committers) who represent about 50 companies.

In my view, whichever way you count it, these are good numbers.

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10 Responses to “Indigo Numbers (non-marketing)”

  1. waynebeaton Says:

    FWIW, it’s more accurate to say that some projects changed how they participate rather than we changed the way that we count. Perhaps this is splitting hairs…

    Projects make the decision on how to participate themselves, so it’s difficult to authoritatively state what this change means in any broad sense. It might be an interesting exercise to ask each of the projects that changed to explain their reasoning…

  2. Fabian Steeg Says:

    Are you sure JET is leaving the train for Indigo? It’s available from – perhaps it was just forgotten in the listing at

  3. Lars Vogel Says:

    For a moment I got scared about JET…. Thanks Fabian for clarifying this. I guess it is so old that it just joins…

  4. Jérôme Says:

    Since TPTP’s termination, there is no profling solution for Eclipse left then?

  5. kellindil Says:

    Hummmm, Compare and Validation counted as one? EMF Compare and EMF Validation have never been one project (EMF Compare commiter here). And in the link you provide for helios, I see both “” and “modeling.emf.validation”, as expected.

  6. Juno – The best Simultaneous Release of its Time « eclipse howl Says:

    […] more projects and more code than in the years before. Even if the bars are adjusted to reflect the more fine-grained project structure since Indigo in 2011 this is quite […]

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