Vex 1.0.0 M6 – Is Less More?

(Based on this Air France ad by Renluc, 1949)

Vex 1.0.0 M6 (an editor for XML with a word processor-like interface) has just come out. The change with the most impact might be the (temporary) removal of the multi-page editor. For a long time the multi-page editor has been marked as experimental because the synchronization between visual and textual editor page was only partially implemented: changes made in the visual editor page were propagated to the textual page, but the visual editor model was not updated after a change in the textual page. We have decided to remove it for now because we prefer quality to half finished features – but maybe also because we wanted to elicit some reactions. Even though Vex is installed, via the Marketplace Client only, about 150 times per month there are only few bug reports and practically no questions in the forum and mailing list.

More than 150 installations per month since DemoCamp Stuttgart, November 2010

The next things to come will be the long-awaited support for namespaces and XML schema, along with a better integration of DITA. So stay tuned!

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