Fresh Splash

The world is moving on fast. Today, applications are Web 2.0, Android or iOS Apps. Only stone-age minded software developers like me still create desktop applications. In contrast to apps and Web applications, desktop applications take some time to start up and show a splash screen, an artwork created with love to fill the time with anticipating an application that serves only you on a real computer.

Haste makes waste

Last week I newly created a splash screen for an RCP application. Since the last release main parts had been changed under the hood, and the new splash screen was supposed to make the user aware of the new technology. The splash screen was quickly done but I continued designing splash screen backgrounds. I tried – only for fun – different filters of GIMP and combining different layers. In the end I had created 14 splash screen templates:

Feel free to use them to refresh the look of your RCP application also.

PS: To avoid manually updating a version number on the splash screen, you can either implement a Splash Handler or integrate my simple Ant task DrawString in your build process.

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