Viva Vex

No doubt Vex, the Eclipse Visual Editor for XML (for editing XML files like in a word processor), is back. 1.0.0 M4 (new and noteworthy) was released this week. Moreover, last month Florian and I demonstrated Vex at the DemoCamp Stuttgart.

If you attended this full-day DemoCamp then hopefully you stayed long enough and enjoyed the story about Vex and MeMaMeMi and how to edit XML without angle brackets. We said that Vex is shipped with built-in support for two XML formats, DITA and DocBook, but that’s not true anymore. Since Vex 1.0.0 M4, you can edit XHTML files out of the box as well. For all other XML formats Vex requires the corresponding DTD and CSS.

This autumn, a couple of Eclipse projects died. I agreed that archiving such projects makes it clear that the development has stopped. A frightening end is better than endless fright. But I also grieve for the projects which have assisted me so often. For example, TPTP, which was my choice after the Eclipse Profiler Plugin died at SourceForge, profiled a couple of my applications. I remember that I wasted a lot of time by often looking for updates for the Eclipse Profiler Plugin before I found TPTP. Maybe the CodePro Profiler recently donated by Google or MAT will step into TPTP’s shoes.

I also worry about the Visual Editor (VE) which taught me SWT and which has a similar name and similar story to Vex: VE was or is going to be reborn. But now, VE is on the verge of being cannibalised by the WindowBuilder, the second recent gift of Google. Hopefully, there will be a future for both VE and WindowsBuilder (as well as for CodePro Profiler and MAT) or – even better – a common future. Viva Ve(x)!

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