Eclipse Summit near new historic place

If you plan to travel to the Eclipse Summit, Ludwigsburg, Germany then you will probably go via Stuttgart main station. One month ago the German police attacked thousand of protesters with water cannons, pepper spray, and batons in the park behind it. Hundreds of people were injured, 4 people seriously by the 20 bar water jet directed on their eyes; one of them is now blind.

The conflict is about the main station which is going to be changed from a terminus to an underground through station (project name: Stuttgart 21). Unfortunately, some people found out that the new station would be less efficient, its capacity will be reduced and the costs which will be paid by the tax payers are pretty much higher than the estimated € 4.3 billion. Only those people will benefit who are going to develop the area which will not be needed anymore for the railway tracks on ground.

Activists against Stuttgart 21 are camping in tents and tree houses in the park

Of course there have been a couple of similar conflicts in Europe these times. But for me this one is different not only because Stuttgart is my home town. Communication via internet plays an important role in this conflict: For example the protesters have set up several web sites, they call for spontaneous actions in the park to protect the 300 century-old trees scheduled to be cut down by Twitter, E-Mail, and SMS. Videos recorded on mobile phones that are both live streamed and uploaded on YouTube have proven that the demonstrations were peaceful (contrary to some claims). From my point of view this new form of protest is just like Open Source: transparent, open, and powerful. It also uses the same methods to spread knowledge and to communicate.

Fence around the construction site today

So why not plan a short stop-over at Stuttgart main station and have a look at the fence (see picture above) around the construction site (but watch out for the police at the ongoing demonstration)? You might be able to boast about having been at this historic place on day.

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  1. ekke Says:

    thx for mentioning Stuttgart 21 –
    …have flattered your blog 😉

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