Vex on the Road again

Since Mylyn has become a top-level project, it is going to be restructured into the subprojects Tasks, Context, Versions, Builds, Reviews, Docs, Commons, and Incubator. Docs will contain WikiText, which can convert Wiki pages into Eclipse Help. What’s more, Vex, currently a component of WTP Incubator and a SourceForge project since two years, has been proposed to become a component of the Docs subproject. Vex provides a word-processor-like interface for editing XML files. Maybe this is the first case of self-proposing: Dave wrote the proposal with Vex in XML and then converted it via XSLT into the recommended HTML file. 😉

Even though there are a lot of Vex users, contributions are very rare (not even changes are published/contributed back according to the license). Probably, one reason for this is that Vex is mainly for non-developers. Hopefully, this will change as soon as Vex becomes a WikiText editor.

Currently, Vex is in the incubator phase but our plan is to publish Vex 1.0.0 simultaneously with Indigo in the summer of 2011. If you’d like to see Vex in action you could download and try it yourself or attend the DemoCamp in Stuttgart, Germany, on November 23th: Florian, currently the most active developer and I will give a short presentation of Vex.

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3 Responses to “Vex on the Road again”

  1. Mike Milinkovich Says:


    We take license violations seriously. I am not a German-speaker, so I can’t read the webpage you’ve pointed to. But if you can help us via the email alias, we will follow up with this organization.


    • howlger Says:

      Hi Mike,


      The situation is very complex: They forked the SourceForge version of Vex and so violated the LGPL. Naturally, we would like them to publish their changes under the EPL. Florian and I already contacted two members of this University project. One of them I know personally, and he promised to have a look at it. It would be great if both Vex and Textgrid could profit from merging the new features which have been developed in each project since they forked Vex.

  2. Tom Says:

    Great idea with the graphics man!

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