Bug Birth Control?

The number of bugs created in the last 12 months is 15% lower than that of the bugs created in the Galileo year. The following diagram shows the total number of bugs created in each Release Train year. Each bar is subdivided into the different current resolutions which can be changed in the future. For example, the proportion of open bugs in the Helios year will probably significantly decrease when these bugs become fixed.

What’s more, the number of bugs that were closed as duplicates (independently of their creation date) has decreased from 4398 in the Galileo year to 3462 in the Helios year: that’s only 79%. Maybe this is caused by preventing people to report bugs twice or by finding fewer duplicated reported bugs than in the Galileo year.

But even if you count only “real” bugs (= bugs without resolution or fixed bugs) the number of reported bugs is only 91% compared to the year before. Any ideas why?


5 Responses to “Bug Birth Control?”

  1. Dave Rooney Says:

    Are you able to count the number of JUnit or other automated test cases between the releases?

  2. Andrei Loskutov Says:

    The answer is easy – there are not so much changes in the Platform (don’t count the e4 stuff yet) / JDT / p2 as years before.

    So for me 3.6 is mostly “bug fix”/feature polishing release of 3.5.x in the core area.

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