Vex in the Heart of Africa

Yesterday the compilers of the ICE Nigeria, a one-million-word collection of written and spoken Nigerian English, presented their project at the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. The compilation of the ICE Nigeria is the first linguistic corpus project to use Pacx, a software that was developed especially for this purpose and that is mainly based on Vex and Eclipse.

Unfortunately, there was one of the frequent power-failures during my presentation. So the audience had to gather behind me to look over my shoulder at the laptop. No power, no air-conditioning – feels like giving my presentation in a sauna.

In a country in which most of the people are of limited financial means I would have expected the wide-spread use of open source software like Linux and Eclipse, but it appears that software still has to be freed here.

The exotic flora and fauna are fascinating:

Large flock of flying foxes flying around, hanging in the trees and making funny squeaking noises:

But like everywhere, it is the humans who make them endangered:

From the distance I’m following the activity in the Vex project and will apply the patches (thanks to Florian Thienel) as soon as I’m back next week, so help me Computer God:


One Response to “Vex in the Heart of Africa”

  1. howlger Says:

    Sorry for my double posting at Planet Eclipse yesterday. I had prepared the post in advance but when updating it after the presentation the first incomplete version was added to the end in WordPress invisible to me. In panic, I created a new post and deleted the first. But that turned out to be just another mistake. So you can read now at Planet Eclipse what I expected to happen and what actually happened. 😐

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