Crowded Creativity

Ian Skerrett, director of Marketing at the Eclipse foundation, started an initiative to modernize the Eclipse logo. A new logo? Why? What’s wrong with the existing one? Haz it a bug? Wait. Do not panic. It is just an initiative to get new ideas for a renewal of the logo. I’m fine with the existing one because I’m professionally blinkered. But what will somebody think if she or he sees our good old logo for the first time? Text with shadow in front of the eclipse symbol with rays and blur and sunburst – looks a little bit overloaded, doesn’t it?

The existing logo is well known and widely-used. We should make sure to keep the degree of brand awareness. Everybody should still recognize Eclipse by looking at the new logo. Unfortunately, most of the proposals are not renewals but revolutionary new ideas. We can modernize it but only in an evolutionary way and keep most of its characteristics:

  • coloring
  • font, including character spacing and lower-case letters only
  • the horizontal lines behind the text
  • the eclipse symbol and the sunburst

If we choose a new logo then hopefully one that separates text and graphic. I’d also like to see an a little more generalized eclipse symbol, maybe something like this:

In my eyes it is too much to remove the rays and the blur too:

Maybe this could be done sometime later. Better make small steps and do not risk loosing brand awareness.


4 Responses to “Crowded Creativity”

  1. Peter Nehrer Says:

    You know what, this is the most rational idea I’ve seen so far 🙂 If evolving the logo is the goal then I’m all behind this type of process.

  2. Lars Vogel Says:

    I like your last example (with removed the rays and blur). Less is more. 🙂

  3. Ian Skerrett Says:

    Sorry I thought I left a comment here but I think wordpress was having problems yesterday.

    I like your concept. I agree with Lars that removing the rays and blur would actually be better. I would also like to see a ‘nicer’ colour. Be great if you could submit an update?

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