United Colors of Eclipse

A while ago I revisited the Contribute/Get involved proposal (see also Chris’ post). I believe that we can learn from other Open Source communities: for example, Mozilla’s T-Shirt store offers 176 amazing and funny shirts. Inspired by that and by Nick‘s funny Eclipse shirts I created my own Eclipse fashion collection.

The first shirt is borrowed from my “Better than MovieOS” candidate and reads Content Assist Available, followed by the Plug-in Crossing and the Plug-ins for the People shirt:

Be a Plug-in Pirate with one of the following three shirts:

It’s hard to say, I love you. Eclipse lovers don’t have to speak it out loud:

You can choose from a list of different shirts and jackets, choose a color, and of course the size. All shirts are customizable (click the button), you are free to move and resize the image and add your own slogans or images (e.g. the Eclipse logo). The text of the following shirts can be fully edited – be inspired:

I hope that you have enjoyed the fashion parade. Maybe you found something to replace your old Christmas outfit. See you in the Eclipse fashion store.


2 Responses to “United Colors of Eclipse”

  1. Kim Moir Says:

    Great shirts! Very creative.

  2. Chris Aniszczyk Says:


    We need more artistically talented people like you in the community 😉

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