The Plug-in Bay!

I have already made three proposals for a new Marketplace logo. Here comes number four:

We should also rename Marketplace into Plug-in Bay because it sounds much cooler, doesn’t it? 😉

There seems to be interest to get a new logo for the Marketplace (see bug 299501) but up to now nobody has voted for a particular one or said what exactly she or he wants to have changed. Don’t be shy and raise your voice!

By the way, Marketplace has a new voting system; maybe because the voting system of its precursor Eclips Plugin Central was hacked. Now, you have to login with your Bugzilla account first before you can choose your favorite solution (plug-in or service). Here are my favorites.

Come on, it’s voting time. First vote for a new logo and then vote for your favorite plug-ins.


2 Responses to “The Plug-in Bay!”

  1. howlger Says:

    See JAXenter Newsflash: “Eclipse-Piraten nehmen Marketplace ein” (German)

  2. United Colors of Eclipse « eclipse howl Says:

    […] a Plug-in Pirate with one of the following three […]

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