MP? Marketplace deserves a real logo

MP? Military police, Member of Parliament or Monty Python? No, MP like AS or AM:

A picture is worth a thousand words or two letters only. Eclipse Marketplace deserves a real logo. Maybe a logo which symbolizes the exchange of goods between producers and consumers:

Or more Eclipse-related, the shopping cart with a plug-in in road-sign-style:

Or the logo could be a warning sign “Plug-in crossing”:

What do you think? Please vote, comment, and add your ideas to bug 299501.


4 Responses to “MP? Marketplace deserves a real logo”

  1. Wayne Beaton Says:


    Open a bug so we can track this process.

  2. The Plug-in Bay! « eclipse howl Says:

    […] eclipse howl Lets howl at the things in the Eclipse universe and at software development in general « MP? Marketplace deserves a real logo […]

  3. A big plus for Newcomers « eclipse howl Says:

    […] Marketplace looks nice and I also like the new transparent voting system. Maybe we could find a better logo for it. And what about the feature “People who viewed this plug-in also have viewed these plug-ins: […]

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